Portuguese Women are beautiful!

When you work in a male ambiance you have to bear several not interesting conversations, such as football or girls... (yes... that's my Karma...).

"Girls" actually is a ticklish matter, specially when you'r in an international entourage. Most of the time, east, brazilian and italian girls are on the top of the list, and sadly, the portuguese ones are not even on the list - or worst - they "do" have moustache (i can almost hear the wrath in the portuguese female cloud right now!!!).

So, this my little outburst, is to you guys! Sorry to disappoint you but you are not aware of what we have in Portugal. And this my little outburst is also a bow to all beautiful women of my country!

As we say in Portugal - Toma lá morangos! (if you don't know what is means, go figure out...!)

1 - Sara Sampaio/ 2 - Carolina Loureiro/ 3 - Raquel Strada/ 4 - Sara Matos/ 5 - Cláudia Vieira/ 6 - Sónia Araújo/ 7 - Catarina Furtado/ 8 - Maria João Bastos/ 9 - Diana Chaves/ 10 - Oceana Basílio.

Ps. you can know put your chin up...

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